This is the official blog for  The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Scholars Program in the Arts and Humanities.  The Mellon Scholars program promotes students’ intellectual engagement within and across the disciplines, through original research that combines traditional scholarly methods, creative production, and new technologies. Working independently or in teams, with the support of faculty mentors, students build the skills needed to plan, develop, and undertake significant projects of research or artistic creation, and to carry them through to completion. Mellon Scholars emerge from the program with knowledge and experience that will serve them well in postgraduate study, law school, medical school, and in competition for national and international scholarship and fellowship awards at the highest levels. They should also be prepared to enter a workforce that expects a combination of critical thinking, research, writing, speaking, initiative, creativity, collaboration, adaptability, and the ability to work effectively with digital technology. Students are encouraged to apply academic skills to real-world problems, and to acquire experiences that will enable them to explore their values, skills, and interests in the workplace.

Admission to the Mellon Scholars Program is competitive. Applications from prospective Mellon Scholars are solicited from first- and second-year students at the beginning of the spring semester, and admission to the program is announced prior to fall registration.

The Mellon Scholars Program formally begins with the two-semester, Interdisciplinary Seminar, taken in the sophomore or junior year. Following the seminar, Mellon Scholars engage in intensive academic research in the arts and humanities, which may include individual study with a faculty mentor; upper-division courses enhanced with some individual study; participation in a faculty-led team research project; off-campus study at the Philadelphia Center or Newberry Library; or a course that supports the integration of technology and the liberal arts. Through these experiences, Mellon Scholars complete significant works of scholarship or creative performance grounded in academic research that may serve as examples of the student’s capabilities in applications for awards, graduate programs, and other opportunities. Throughout the program, Mellon Scholars seek ways to adopt new and emerging digital technologies for the development, dissemination, and preservation of their work. They also present their projects at public events such as the Annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance, the Arts and Humanities Colloquia, and the National Conference on Undergraduate Research.

The Mellon Scholars Program also offers support for student-faculty collaborative summer research projects, conference travel, and other student-faculty development opportunities. For more information about these opportunities and the program, please contact the director or visit www.hope.edu/academic/Mellon.


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